A Batch of New Books


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    Monado in Toronto wrote:

    The translation is probably terrible. I got a copy of “The Annotated 20,000 Leagues” once and it was full of corrections, e.g. Our Hero says he was in the disagreeable territory of Nevada when Verne meant the (fossil-bearing) Badlands. But the corrections were not integrated into the text, so I never waded through it.

  2. ScottS-M Identiconcomment_author_IP, $comment->comment_author); }else{echo $gravatar_link;}}*/ ?>

    ScottS-M wrote:

    Yeah it wasn’t the best but it wasn’t horrible. It seemed like the translator really tried to stick to the original. Except some parts of the original were apparently pretty tedious, like the lists and lists of fish (and I’m a marine biologist).

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