New Books and Minor Adjustments

I added a few new books; Eastern Standard Tribe by Cory Doctorow, Ventus by Karl Schroeder and The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin. Cory Doctorow’s other book, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom was a pretty fun read so hopefully this one is too. I already read Ventus and really enjoyed it. Descent of Man looks like it might be a bit thick but at least it does have pictures.

In site news, I finally managed to remove all the custom edits from the WordPress base code (thank to finding a couple handy filters and the new comment feeds by categories) so upgrading should be a lot easier now. I also added licensing information to the sidebar so modern authors who are kind enough to release their work (e.g. Karl Schroeder, Cory Doctorow) can get the proper credit.

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